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Saving my butt

My short time of keeping my lone New Year's Resolution has already yielded practical results (in addition to spiritual benefit). The upcoming Sunday's sermon text, Matthew 4:1-17, also happened to be part of yesterday's reading. In reading it last night, I realized that I had messed up in laying out Sunday's Order of Worship and was set to only print through verse 16—a huge mistake, because the last verse is critical to John's sermon. So I was able to fix it this morning. God is saving my butt in all kinds of ways!


God is mad good at that whole saving thing.
The best.

Funny you mention it...

We got these really great one year bible plan at church a few weeks before Christmas. I PURPOSELY kept it...and have since lost it.

Also...I would like to see a picture of you. What do you look like? I'm sorry, it's possible I've brought this up before. General curiosity.

Re: Funny you mention it...

I am so stunningly attractive that I don't post pictures.

(But my girlfriend, barlow_girl, posted one of us a while ago here.)

Re: Funny you mention it...

You have no idea how relieved I am.
I feel much better knowing what you look like.
Thank you.