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Five guilty pleasures

There's lots for me to update about, and none of it has percolated enough to write down yet. Instead, I'll pick up from overcast's tag on the five guilty pleasures meme:
  1. "Reality" dating shows like Blind Date and Elimidate. No redeeming value whatsoever.
  2. Gelato. Entirely too expensive but so delicious.
  3. Being a jerk to telemarketers at work. They've sworn at me before.
  4. Journey. Yes, the band.
  5. Watching (and sometimes participating in) train wrecks on LiveJournal. I tend to be more disruptive (but usually not dishonest) by presenting contrary opinions, but I also get a bizarre thrill out of watching "friends" agree with and encourage truly awful decisions and ideas. Disagreement is often better than affirmation around here.
I miss barlow_girl. We had a great week.
Tags: amy, livejournal, memes
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