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Finishing the morning

Coffee's finished and I'll soon be off for home from Irwin's. barlow_girl arrives tonight and I hardly know what to do with myself until then. My apartment needs enough attention to keep me busy, however, and there are other ducks to try to line up in a row.

I'm glad Christmas lasts twelve days, and I'm glad my Christmas day centered on worshipping with other believers. Honestly, what this holiday means takes a lot longer than a day to sink in, and I'm too easily sidetracked. There's plenty of room for gifts and feasts and family, of course, but when those don't have Christ as their center, it's a far better thing for me to move them elsewhere. He is more than they, more than me. The latter is the hardest for me to get over. It's also the best, because that's where I can really find myself, too.


Have fun with your barlow_girl. Merry christmas, friend. :)
So, how did her visit go? Did you get all your ducks lined up? *grin*

And you're right, absolutely right, as usual. He is more than any of us. I love the wisdom God has given you!