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Violently ill. Set in last night, seriously unfun to travel with. Those little bags in the seat pocket in front of you are not made for that kind of punishment. Home now, by the grace of God. My brain is a bit boiled, so that's all for now.
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Sorry to hear about the illness. It is hard not to be home when you are feeling sick. But at least you are home now.

Hope you feel better, soon!
OMG. That is AWFUL. I can relate to that traveling home with my face, but ill like that...that is torture. UGH!

I'm so glad you are home in your own bed. :/
Keep feeling better, k? :D
I hope you get well soon!
I'm so sorry that you are sick, especially having to travel. I was in a very similar situation while in Mexico so I know how horrible it can be. :(

Hope you feel better soon!
Bah! I hope you feel better soon.
Feel better! :\