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Revelation on Revelation

To my surprise, I realized this morning that I've been avoiding readings in Revelation. I know what that's connected to in my life, and some of that impulse is even healthy, but the pendulum needs to be able to swing back, too. It's God's Word, His universe, His story. It won't do me anything but harm to shut Him out of places not yet reconciled as a way to accept them and move on. His Word here is as much for me as any other. That's an important realization.


I've read through Revelation several times (it was the first book of the bible I ever read (: I swear), and I find it to be so amazingly encouraging-- it reeks of God's sovereignty and his absolute victory. I love it.
I've spent plenty of time there, too.
When I was a kid, I read it at least 20 times! :D