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The trouble with timeshifting

LiveJournal makes timeshifting with TiVo a bit more confined. It's OK for most television, but shows with any kind of suspense (like last night's finale of The Apprentice) are immediately and widely discussed in posts without cuts for spoilers. I don't like that. At least I've been burned enough to try to watch such shows ASAP and avoid LJ until I do. Kind of defeats the purpose of timeshifting, though. I probably just need less LJ, for a variety of reasons.


boob toob

Either that or less TV.

Re: boob toob

Could be both. Less LJ will probably come first, though. If I timeshift LJ like I do with TV, rather than staying up-to-the-minute, I create more space for other stuff. When I get hooked on "keeping up" with anything (LJ, television, email, reading, etc.), I often end up getting frustrated and stressed. My "keeping up" energy is limited and needs to be prioritized for people close to me and the flesh-and-blood world first.

1.21 gigawatts

Priorities. Good recognition. Keeping up is a discipline, too— only people aren't on a prime-time schedule.
Just put my post about "The Apprentice" under a lj cut.

You were like the third or fourth on my list to post an entry that referred to it, so it would have already been spoiled if I hadn't seen it already (I started watching as soon as I got home last night, because I was sure someone would ruin it for me otherwise). One even had a picture, so if I had avoided the mention, I still would have been screwed! But A) it's silly and self-centered of me to expect that no one would write about something just because it might spoil it for me, and 2) it's one of that hazards of having friends who have similar interests.
1) The title sounds like a chapter out of a LeGuin book.

2) I saw this one coming a mile away.

3) I promise never to post a TV spoiler. ;o]
1) it's a play on the classic Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles"

3)You're too good to me.
I would just like to say that I was certainly angered by Randall's self-righteous response to Trump's question about hiring Rebecca. I thought that was a low blow.
And talk about suspense...we were traveling for a good portion of the show. We got to G'ma's just in time to catch the end. :o) ha ha!