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Saw an amazing mind-bender of a movie this weekend: Primer. It's a little indie film that was made for around $7,000 and garnered a few critical awards. And it's now easily one of my favorite movies ever.

I'm not linking to any information about Primer because I believe the absolute best way to go into it is with as little background as possible. I'd added it to my Blockbuster queue long enough ago to have completely forgotten the premise, and the DVD sleeve didn't have the usual synopsis. That made it even easier to get fully drawn in and utterly hooked. So if you can, pick it up and pop it in without peeking. It's worth it.

P.S. Just learned that the filmmaker is a Christian and read a great interview with him (which I will gladly share with anyone who sees the film).


Added to my queue... thanks for the recommendation.
Honestly, I think you may enjoy it more than 90% of anyone who may read this. I'm interested to hear your thoughts once you've seen it.
Cool. Given Blockbuster's current inability to respect the order of items in my queue (or let me reorder them at all, for that matter), it may be some time before I actually get it... (-:


Primer is one of the great low-budget films, so good that describing it that way doesn't do it justice. It's Kubrick on a shoestring... who knows what Mr. Carruth could do with a measly $1 million, even.

What about this interview, then?

Re: pumped

Link is en route. I was blown away by this film. I'm not sure I'm sending it back to Blockbuster.
Cool beans. Listen to the commentary? I think I watched the movie about 2 1/2 times altogether. Just mad that it never got close enough to see in the theater.
I've listened to both commentaries, but it's getting at least one more viewing before it returns, I think...

Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm always looking for new movies to watch. Primer is now on my Netflix queue.