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The elegant solution

Think I've conquered the next in the Christmastime hurdles: what to give my family. Since I wasn't planning to go to Iowa near Christmas until recently, I hadn't really given it any thought. Since that's changed, I've been trying to figure out the gift end of things. Everyone, my parents especially, are OK with no gifts (or say they are), but I'd rather give. And gifts for the nieces and nephews are easy and fun to figure out—it's the adults that are the chore.

In thinking of my resources and what everyone would enjoy, it occurred to me that I still have the DVD camcorder I won earlier this year. I know Steve and Becky would love something like that, especially for the kids. I'd love it, too, because then I could get DVDs of the kids as they grow up. My parents, however, don't have a DVD player, which at first seemed like an obstacle but is really an opportunity—camcorder for the sister and brother-in-law, DVD player for the parents, and we have a new way to stay connected as a family, too. I love the elegant solution, especially when God has so clearly provided within it.
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