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I'm sleepy, but I've felt behind in not getting up early recently. I work well in the mornings and in the evenings; the afternoons are an unmotivated wasteland. I have a four-hour work rhythm in an eight-hour world.

Been doing goal setting at work, which is helpful and somewhat fun, even though it is also somewhat cheesy. It's been Suzanne and me so far, and in all honesty, I've done the lion's share of the writing for an office mission statement, work values, etc. On the one hand, I feel that kind of thinking puts me in a better position for leadership; on the other, the fact that Suzanne is open to so many of my thoughts is a significant grace. In the past, Suzanne's writing has not read well to me, and I think I would be very challenged to buy into it for direction. I'm blessed either way: by having my voice heard or by Suzanne's humility in letting it be so.

Tiredness isn't going away yet this morning, and knowing my temperament, I'm going to choose a nap over a head start at the office. If I went in now, I'd gain an hour (maximum) of productivity, but my attitude would be on the borders of irritable. Better to invest the time in a gentler spirit. That spirit comes after a nap.

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