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A sip from the firehose

Going in way, way too many directions at once today. Nothing of any great consequence, just the usual stuff of life, but it's whizzing by so fast that I regularly forget what I'm doing, and there's not a lot of point in remembering when the next interruption is probably just a few seconds away.

Tonight it was almost hilarious: instant messaging with barlow_girl from my Sidekick until a phone call from John came through, then switching over to the iBook because the Sidekick wouldn't reconnect to AIM. Meanwhile, I'm trying to program two TiVos with one remote, forget that my conversation with Amy is on the iBook rather than Sidekick, and in the midst of rejoining her, the phone rings again. This entire scene is, of course, punctuated by regular email notification sounds, because LiveJournal has decided to annoy me in the present with emailed comments from the past. Oh, and did I mention that during all of this, I am also trying to put my living room back together because I cleaned it yesterday, a process that involved moving all of the furniture and other items into the dining/kitchen area?

(By the way, another outdated LJ comment hit my Sidekick's inbox while I was typing the last sentence.)

So unfocused would be a gross understatement for my mental state. All is well, really—I'm just drinking from the firehose of information and trying to respond to entirely too much.



Yes.. it sounds like there is way way too much going on over there. I would lose my mind for sure.
The scene sounds like something you'd see on a sitcom.
yeah, I've been getting all these comments from weeks ago coming to my mail. any idea what's going on?
Maybe you should focus on just one thing at a time. :)
I know I'm in trouble when I need you to tell me that. :)
hey. um. speaking of a lot going on at once... are you busy next tuesday??

jess and i are thinking about coming down to seattle... it might be monday. we haven't figured it out. i have a friend who works at a bakery by pike place and we wanted to shop a little around there and get some yummy french baked goods... and... see YOU!

so.. which day is better and where is the best place for you?
Next week is so sketchy, but I want to see you two. What time on Monday or Tuesday?
Well... probably lunchish time-ish.
Just keep me posted and we'll try to make something work!
We're still thinking tomorrow (Tuesday). Umm... could I call you in the morning/early afternoon when we know or is that too spontaneous?
It's still pretty sketchy on my end (it's a really swamped week), but give me a call. If you don't have the number, email or text me from my profile.
Ack! We missed you! Actually- it was a matter of crunched time.

It sounds like another week will be better for you anyway.