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No bullshit

Narcissistic reversal

This is probably terribly obvious, but I'm starting to realize that we consider ourselves unique in respects where we're pretty much like everyone else, and we believe we're just like everyone else when we really don't want to own our stuff. Whether we know it or not (or admit it or not), there seems to be no limit to the ways we delude ourselves and want to delude others.


This is so, so true. I've noticed this trend in so many people (myself not the least among them, to be sure).

Oh oh oh!!!

"Never underestimate the power of denial."
-- Ricky, American Beauty
I shall use a quote from my sister from when she was, like, 5. "...If you liked it, it was me. If you hated it, it was my nephew."
Clearly i was past the age of accountability. ;)
Tell me more.
Would be fun over coffee, but it's more work to further nail down in writing than I'm up for putting in. Overall, I think we'd all benefit from asking ourselves the question "Really?" more often.

And I'd have to say that I agree with you. Generally, I think that we all take ourselves way too seriously. My stuff is really NOT that important, ya know?

Kinda something that I've been realizing too.
Hah! True....