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Had to go to the office yesterday morning in hopes that the repairman could get our ailing copier up and running. No joy there, but moving to Plan B was pretty easy, and it gave me the chance to get together with Anne over coffee. We don't get to catch up much during Community Group, and I'm too busy with work on Sundays to have much of a conversation.

Nathan checked in yesterday evening to grab a bite and a pint at Murphy's. As with Anne, I don't get much of a chance to keep up with him unless we spend time like this.

Watched Super Size Me later last night and am now paranoid about my eating and buying habits. I'm aware that, like most "documentaries" of our time, the film was misleading and agenda-driven. Even We do some really creepy stuff in order to create food, practices that weren't even considered back in my Iowa boyhood. And most of us don't need much convincing to admit our eating habits are rotten. I'm a lazy (non)cook and eater, habits I'd do well to change.

Was excited to start an Advent devotional this week, even though I've been slack and didn't really dig in until today. Unfortunately for me, it's turning out to be written extremely simply (hopefully with family devotions in mind), and I'm not sticking with it (not that I was doing such a great job before). Bummer. Maybe I can find something else.

Christmas decorations should probably go up today. Should. Probably.
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