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It took me 30 minutes to write this crap

Finished a cup of Tension Tamer tea and watched a DS9 episode from tape. Feeling a little moody, though I wish I weren't. The weekend has been outstanding and wonderful. Mike and Laine are most dear to me. They have always loved me well.

I feel weird about LiveJournal sometimes. Constantly aware of an audience as I write, which can make for poor, pompous, and soul-sucking journalling. I feel insecure about my writing and my life. I'm also insecure about my reading and ability to understand. Sometimes I read others' journals and all I can think is, "What?" I feel like an idiot trying to grasp snippets of disconnected, disembodied voices, or to identify with values and lifestyles I don't connect with. LiveJournal is a strange phenomenon, and sometimes it just leaves me feeling stupid.


Just relax

This is you. You as LiveJournal writer. Don't take it so seriously (nor yourself, dear brother!)

Congrats to the Mariners.

Re: Just relax

Thanks for the spirit of your comment (and the congratulations!). I do appreciate that. In this case, there's something going on in me, and I'm not prepared to dismiss it just yet. Maybe I will communicate that more effectively later.