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It took me 30 minutes to write this crap

Finished a cup of Tension Tamer tea and watched a DS9 episode from tape. Feeling a little moody, though I wish I weren't. The weekend has been outstanding and wonderful. Mike and Laine are most dear to me. They have always loved me well.

I feel weird about LiveJournal sometimes. Constantly aware of an audience as I write, which can make for poor, pompous, and soul-sucking journalling. I feel insecure about my writing and my life. I'm also insecure about my reading and ability to understand. Sometimes I read others' journals and all I can think is, "What?" I feel like an idiot trying to grasp snippets of disconnected, disembodied voices, or to identify with values and lifestyles I don't connect with. LiveJournal is a strange phenomenon, and sometimes it just leaves me feeling stupid.

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