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Hollywood Jesus redux

Here's everything most of us ever learned (or were deeply afraid of) about Jesus from Sunday School in four short clips:
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i love those. i saw them a while back, and have been trying to figure out a way to use them in a service ever since.
Could you safely use these in a service? I mean there's always someone who would make a fuss about presenting Jesus this way. Even if it is satire.
safely? heck no. but why choose the things we say in church based on "safety"?
that would imply my only goal in church is to not piss people off. a lot of important things wouldn't get said that way.

now in this particular case, with these videos... yeah, they're over the top enough to justify a careful look at what the right situation would be. i haven't made use of them *yet*... and won't use them just for the sake of putting something out there for shock value. but if the time/opportunity is right, i would totally use them. i just haven't found that time yet.
Oh man. That's awesome.

I don't know if I could get away with using these in my church.
At first, all I noticed were the bullet points and I thought you were linking to the R. Kelly Sims mini-movies! Hah! Okay, I will watch them. Satire can be a powerful communicator for those with an ounce of beans in their brains....
You should consider revising your post to "...from Sunday School in four short frickin' hilarious clips."

Just a thought. :p funny stuff, dude.

"Do you think he can fly?...shhh, here He comes." Quack me up.
We were busting up over them at the office today!
That high-pitched, monotonous voice is inherently funny; the fact that it's supposedly Jesus, just makes it all the funnier.
Though the possibility of people actually believing stuff like this is quite scary to me.
It's a great satire, but that underlying picture of Jesus ("Now I'm going to tell you what you did wrong...," etc.) is so pervasive, both within and outside the church. Scary indeed.
"I bet he doesn't realize I kept his coin"

Holy crap that was funny. Sadly accurate unless you've actually READ the Bible with some understanding and a teachable heart.
Totally. What's really spooky is that the Bible is often taught in ways that are way too close to those clips—which can be good for short-term behavior modification, but rotten for real heart change (not to mention being flat-out untrue).
We have neutered the gospel in our pale chruches. God help us.
Well spoken, sir.
I think that's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Blasphemous, but funny.

"The holiest donkey in the world," cracked me up.
Curses! Foiled again...by the filter police!

Aaaaand...I have picture but no sound on my home computer.


I'll have to go over to Mel's to see AND hear this.
Word from someofme (who first showed me these) is that they were made by an ex-Intervarsity staff worker. You're looking at my future.
As an ex-volunteer IV staffer myself, I can appreciate that...
Really! Didn't know that. Where, when, and with whom? If it was in the Northwest in the last, oh, ten years, we might have mutual friends. Hephziba knows everybody.