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A different world

She did not know the nature of her loneliness. The only words that named it were: This is not the world I expected.

—Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


Hey, can I borrow that book?
Of course. I'll bring it home.
I have GOT to read that. I've heard a lot about it. Not to mention barlow_girl won't shut up about it. ;)
Read The Fountainhead first.
I didn't know which order they came in. All I know is that if we're watching TV, eating, walking, talking, breathing, living, it doesn't matter what we're talking about, about every 25-35 mintues or so barlow_girl says "that's SO atlas shrugged" or "that's straight out of galant gallstone". Bugs the crap out of me, not becuase I'm annoyed by it, but becuase I can't talk about it with her.

I read The Fountainhead first. Not sure what it would be like to do it the other way 'round.

Lee's journal is a playground. :D
I like coming back and seeing all the comments, especially since they are actually about the entry. It's an LJ rarity!
It's not a bad book, but IMHO, The Fountainhead was a lot better. She has some really interesting philosophies in that one, but in Atlas Shrugged, she totally goes off the deep end with them and a great deal of the book is just every character grandiously parroting her essays for dozens of pages on end. I couldn't finish it. (Given that I was still in my teens the last time I tried to read it...)
Roark gives a fair monologue himself at the end of Fountainhead. But you're entitled to a favorite. :D
I love Ayn Rand.
I'm not a big Ayn Rand fan, it seems to me that her whole deal is a justification of selfishness.
I like that!

Rand-om acts of kindness

Thanks; you are such an e-quipper.

I'll wait

I really want to read that, but I don't think the first year of college is quite the right time to do so.
Love the language there, the way of expressing her feelings. So profound!
I loved that book in high school. Then the older I got, the more I thought about it, and the more I learned about the Jesus Way, the less I could agree with her philosophy. Now, it seems brilliantly misguided. Like Communism.