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Sittin' in buttah

When I'm feeling down or a bit off, sometimes I just need to go for a walk or sit in a different seat. Though it's no panacea, it often brushes away the cobwebs—my dark and listless moods can take root and gain power when I sit in them, physically as well as mentally/emotionally. Walking to Irwin's did me a world of good this morning, and sitting in a different chair here somehow helps me adopt a fresh perspective—recognizing, appreciating, and enjoying how richly I am blessed.

I brood. I dwell. Not a news flash for anyone who reads this or really knows me. For the most part, I don't think that's something I need to fear, run from, or eradicate from my life. It certainly isn't more toxic than false cheer. But neither is it a right response to every uncertainty or a healthy pattern just to slip into. What's no good, in either direction, is living in denial of the truth. The truth is, things are deeply good for me right now (and eternally as well), and it's sheer nonsense when I don't live out of that truth.

Short version: No sense sitting and stewing when I'm really sittin' in buttah. And boy, does it feel good to have my eyes opened to that.


I like these thoughts.
Great insight. I gotta remember that. Thanks!
i see i have been taken off your friends list. is it because of my fallen Christianness? just curious.
I cut a little over sixty people from my list two weeks ago because it was too much for me to keep up with. I posted about it here:


No criteria related to faith for my decisions; it was just too many people. Sorry you missed the post (you must not be keeping up with your list, either!). As I said there, everyone is welcome to keep reading and commenting; my decisions were just about the numbers for my own list.
right on :) yes, it is hard to keep up. God bless then. I'll see ya around, Im sure.