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Means of delivery

If my books would be deleted if I didn't read them (a la TiVo), or if I paid a monthly rate for three at a time (a la Blockbuster), would I be a more diligent reader?


This is why I sometimes check out books from the library even if I really want to buy them. Books I actually own don't have a due date.
It doesn't work for me.

Thanks for reminding me to quit Netflix.
I know I would. Man, I might actually be well-read if that were the case growing up.
I tend to buy "ego boost" books. The ones that sit on my shelf for looks like:Plato's Republic, Ulysses, The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe and Don Quixote. I've only delved into the Poe b/c I visited his grave last year.

You have a good point though. If there was a time limit on culture we'd all be either really ignorant or that much more elegant.
Good thought.

Well, I am reading the Pendragan Cycle trilogy by Stephen Lawhead at the moment. Considering the length of the books, the only reason I'm making progress is because I pep-talk myself each time I pick one up and say, BONNI, IT'S OKAY TO STOP READING BEFORE YOU FINISH THE BOOK! Otherwise I'd keep reading until the sun rose and then blame the books for my lack of sleep.

I like to finish things. :-)
Oh. As a gift upon graduation from college, my parents offered to pay 50% of whatever books I wanted to buy. I thought it was a good deal and racked up a bill of nearly $1000 ... and they kept their word. But now I have a personal library to make seminary professors jealous, yet I've barely touched a one. :-(