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If we had enough information, it could predict the consequences of our actions. Would you want to know—if you kissed that girl, if you talked to that man, if you take that job, or marry that woman, or steal that papel? If we knew what would happen in the end, would we ever be able to take the first step, to make the first move?


Can you miss someone you don't remember? Can one moment or experience ever disappear completely? Or does it always exist somewhere, waiting to be discovered?

—Maria Gonzales, Code 46


I liked that line. I didn't love the movie, but I liked it.
Same here with the movie. Some interesting stuff, though.
I liked how they made it all happen at night (their day). The darkness was pretty. I liked how they spoke an amalgamation of languages. I liked looking at Maria - such an interesting face. I just thought it left some things out it could have included and that the ending was....blah.
And I thought about that question after I heard it in the movie. I don't know. My first thing I think is, No - I wouldn't. I'd be scared. But then I have realized lately that I say I'm scared of things that I'm really not scared of. It's like an automatic response. So maybe I'd do it anyway.
On the other hand, do you ever conquer your fears of not knowing what will happen to do anything at all? ::sighs::
Those fears don't get to me as much. I often don't have much to lose, when I'm honest.
I've been meaning to watch that movie. Perhaps it's time I did.