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Friday's finish line

Travel planning is making me a little nutty. I'd like to head to Iowa to see family at Christmastime, but work schedules are making it difficult to see when/how that can work. I'd like to go see barlow_girl soon, but I need to figure out my Christmastime plans first. I'm also planning to head to London for Connor and Sara's wedding in March, making the combined cost of all the travel I'd like to do a bit staggering. Limits on time, limits on money—oh, how I rebel against this limited life.

Not sure if I'll be social or not today. I've really enjoyed reinstating the "Fridays at Murphy's" tradition, but I'm also craving a day of downtime. It's so good to have the luxury of taking either course with no pressure.

Tuesday's Community Group was so much better than the week before. Nathan spent a couple of moments at the beginning clarifying how we wanted to spend our time together; having some structure and shared understanding seemed to go a long way for us. Great discussion and plenty of time to pray together, as well as celebrating Anne's birthday. Nothing wrong with some growing pains as long as we're willing to work through them together.
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