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Friends list trimming

See, I don't know how to do this stuff, except just to do it and hope it works out. Seems like everybody's doing it...

I've been overwhelmed on a few fronts lately. Among them, I've had way more friends listed on LJ than I can really keep up with reading or commenting on—I've tried default views and such, but they aren't helping. So I've done a massive cutback of a full third of my listed friends (from around 180 to around 120). And I may still add and subtract; I'm just trying this out.

If you've been removed, please don't take offense or feel like you have to do anything at all. I write relatively few protected posts, so you won't miss much if you still read. And I will probably still read many of your journals separately from my friends list, and may add some back (I'm new at this). If you'd like me to be more involved in your life than you think I will be without you on my daily list, please let me know that!

Thanks for understanding. There are many times I wish I didn't have limits, but that's the road to idolatry.


no worries

I might have been cut for a long time. I don't worry if I'm not on a list as I read yours because of your insights as a Christian. I expect no readers at all as my journal is partly for my own benefit. I write to record my personal life moments, bot to make people clog their friends page. Blessings to you. Don't need to reply, use your time wisely!

Be God's

Re: no worries

ditto; i will however keep you on my friends list because of the balance in perspective you give me on my friends' list...


Re: no worries

You're both very welcome and invited both to keep me on and to continue commenting anytime. The last thing I wanted was for my decisions to seem like a "go away" message.


write when you can...