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The undead don't use public transportation

As I waited for my bus home on Broadway, I looked down the sidewalk to see zombies—two or three dozen at least, lurching toward me en masse, a la "Thriller." So I got on the bus before they got to me. People should go ahead and do that in the movies; it's so easy.


They also move slowwwwwwly. You could just take larger strides. Unless they ambush you in the mall. Let us not forget the lessons of Dawn of the Dead.
These ones had the whole routine down. It's very different seeing dozens of them in real life than one or two.
I bet you're the kind of person who wouldn't follow some guy w/ knives for fingers down into a dimly lit basement, either.
Bwahahahahah! That rules! That's a fab group costume idea. Did they have a dance routine ready?
Awesome!!!!! Kudos to you for anti-zombie preparedness and evasion techniques!