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The days have been full of people. Staff meeting Monday night (6 of us), Buffy Spec-Tac-U-Lar Tuesday, and Enterprise with Winter and Connor last night. Community Group tonight at my place (makes me less likely to weasel out), and Mike and Laine this weekend. Not sure how or when I got this social-- all soul-filling friendships. It does make me tired in my introverted way, though happily so. I miss and want some solitude, but not at the expense of any of the great times at hand.

Work has been interesting. My boss' drama and stress have kicked into high overdrive. Mostly personal stuff, and mostly stuff I don't know or fully understand, but when you work for a church it all bleeds together. She's thinking about stepping back from some of her responsibilities and turning them over to me. I honestly think that's a great idea, though that's tough to say. Keep my own counsel on it mostly, trying instead to do my work and listen compassionately when invited. That's best for everyone. Inside, however, I do hope she decides to shift a bit-- she could use the room to breathe, and I could use the room to grow and exercise my gifts.

Another full day ahead. Happy birthday, orangiegirl!
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