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Things not worth waiting for

Yet again, I find myself waiting on the cable company. The new upstairs neighbors wanted HDTV service, and since the house has a single address, service can't be split up between units. That requires upgrading to digital cable. Good news is that it will reduce my cable and internet costs (they're plugged into my router, too); bad news is cable installation; worse news is that the installation was yesterday, but they neglected to hook up a digital cable box down here. Color me furious. And though I'm not going anywhere (still sick), I hate knowing that I'll be interrupted by the installation today (assuming they don't screw it up again). Not thrilled that I'll need to reconfigure my TiVo afterward, either—that kind of thing rarely goes smoothly.
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In this case, I would ask myself, "What would Jesus do?" And then my answer would be, "He would have healed it and made it all right the first time around." So then I'd just be reminded that there is only one Jesus and He alone is worthy of praise.

*does the theological twist dance*
Ah, but would He? Jesus said He only did the works the Father prepared for Him to do. If 'healing' the TiVo wasn't one of them, Jesus would have patiently worked on it, or asked someone to come fix it for them, and spend the time teaching that person about the Kingdom of Heaven while they worked on the TiVo. *grin*
But clearly TiVo is from heaven, so it would fall into line that Jesus would heal the TiVo Himself.
lol You got me!
that reminds me of the time when our cable went fuzzy for a day. we couldn't figure out what was going on until my husband went out to the cable box (we are in a duplex and it's shared with the neighbors), and realized that the neighbors had hired some guy to come and splice the line. my husband ripped the splicer mechanism right out of there and poof! our cable was beautiful. that's what they get for paying some dude $60 to feed off of our cable.

we still have the splicer. it sits on our computer desk :)