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Getting better

Feeling more and more like myself, for which I'm most thankful. The work week is wrapped and there's little on the docket for my weekend other than starting to get my home life back in shape. That'll take some doing. Hopefully a little thing called people skills will also return to my repertoire; illness considered, I've been wicked productive these past few days, but sadly lacking in care for others. That won't do.

Relationships where it feels like the other party is absent or running away has me thinking about where I may be doing the same thing. Where am I showing up? Am I being intentional about it? While recognizing that I can't be everywhere, am I choosing to be somewhere? Under a litany of excuses, I've made room to be pretty relationally selfish and outright self-centered. Nothing gets on my nerves quite like when people kid themselves, so it's probably a good idea to practice what I preach.
Tags: life, relationships
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