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We have a winner

I just won a Hitachi DZMV780A DVD Camcorder.


And how did this pleasant surprise come about?
Online sweepstakes from a magazine. I have a tendency to win stuff.
You should somehow transfer some of that tendency to me. I'm long overdue for some winning stuff.
I wish I'd won a Mac mini or something. I have no conceivable use for a DVD camcorder.

you are teh win.
It all evens out. But it's good to be teh win.
*_ _ _ _ _ _*
I won't be buying a vowel.
Amazing! I don't think I've ever won anything :D
It's kind of weird. I'm almost used to it.
wow dude! awesome! i would ask how, but i think ill look at the comments and it will already be in there...

Cool! I, like many of your other commenters, never win squat. :P
It may be a mutant power or something.
Looks handy! :D
Nice! it's got shocks, pegs. LUCKY! You ever take it over any sweet jumps?
I think you got like three feet of air that time.
Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.
A lot of the gangs at school are trying to recruit me...'cause i'm pretty good with a DVD camcorder.
The patented Banzai luck strikes again. Would you send me your rabbit's foot?
It's still attached to my rabbit.
I won something once. But when I got it in the mail it was broken.
That was a real bummer.
Hope your camera arrives safe and sound and in one piece.
Me too. I'm leaning toward eBaying it.