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Blowing through the Windy City

Want to jot out some notes from the remainder of my Chicago trip, lest they evaporate from my head. The mission of the day Friday was to replace my overstuffed carry-on, so I picked up the Skyway Flair 5 22" carry-on. It had "flair" in the name—how could I resist?

Friday evening barlow_girl and I took in the views from the Sears Tower Skydeck, then met up with roughdiamond (happy birthday!) at the original Pizzeria Uno. Delish. We then adjourned to the Starbucks of my guilty pleasure (third visit—so, so wrong) and talked a while. Kate is so much fun; I'm really glad we were able to meet up. After she headed home, we decided to make the most of the time we had by taking in a midnight screening of Flightplan.

Saturday morning came early, and I decided to haul my luggage out to Union Station in advance so we wouldn't have to deal with it later. Then we met up for breakfast, followed by a walk down the Magnificent Mile to catch an Architecture River Cruise. Booked this on the recommendation of many friends, and it was thoroughly enjoyable—probably my favorite activity of the trip. Afterward, it was back to Union Station for an all-too-quick lunch and my all-too-quick departure.

Such a great trip, but I'm liking these goodbyes less and less every time.
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Such a great trip, but I'm liking these goodbyes less and less every time.

I know.
I'm liking these goodbyes less and less every time.

As if you ever liked them.
Again, Glad you had a great trip;)

How was Flightplan? I just went and watched the trailer/sneak peek; it looks pretty good.
aww....how awesome
So? Stop leaving!

Ahem, yeah, banzai, you should listen.... ;-)
Glad you had fun!

I think the commenter above me has good advice. :)
So glad it was a great trip!


D. Lee... I can't believe you were in Chicago! You were just a few hours north of where I live. Had I known, I would have asked if you wanted to get together. My own fault though for not keeping up with you. Sounds like you had a great trip. Good for you, you deserve it. Be well... Mikal B.