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Staff Meeting

I'm minutes away from my inaugural Staff Meeting. When I was a hall director, staff meetings were at 8:00 every Monday. Now that I'm out of the business, some of my old RAs will be gathering at the pub with me this and every Monday at 8, a gathering appropriately entitled Staff Meeting. Just the fact that this is happening makes me feel loved, like I made a difference. I am, and I did.

Also learned that Mike and Laine are coming to Seattle this weekend. Very surprised, and happy enough to wiggle like a puppy inside. Mike was my college suitemate and best friend, Laine is likewise an old and dear college friend. I haven't seen them since their wedding, and I can't even remember how many years ago that was (at least three).

Time to get ready. Joy in my heart.



That's great. I was in my friend John's wedding and literally never saw him again. I did see his wife once. She never made good on her invitation to dinner. I rarely seem popular with my friends' wives. Of course, the ones who like me try to make inappropriate matches for me immediatley. I do not have bad manners. I'm just a bounder and n'er-do-well. And I may make it look good.