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That toddlin' town

Hey chippa...
It's time!

Day two in Chicago. So good to see barlow_girl last night. We hobnobbed with her colleagues at the hotel, then enjoyed dinner at India House on Sara's recommendation. Everything was great, but the company was even better. Times like this could spoil a guy.

Yesterday afternoon, I paid a visit to Millennium Park. Here's the proof:

Silver bean
What the aliens landed in.

What they built.

Now I'm back at the Starbucks. In my defense, aside from the free wireless, it's located here:

Can you blame me?

Makes me feel all hip and stuff.


Hey... is that new?? Where in the city is that spacey looking thing?
Very new...it's near the Art Institute. Click the link in the entry for tons more info; I pretty much just strolled through.
I have a couple questions: Are you now or have you ever been potty trained? aaand...
where'd the aliens get enough silver to plate that giant bean? that's a lot of bean!
(Bart writing on the board)
Beans are neither musical nor fruit. Beans are neither musical nor fruit. Beans are neither musical nor fruit. Beans are neither musical nor fruit.

I'm glad the eats were good! I thought they might be.
For barlow_girl's sake, I hope the potty-training books worked on him.
Yeah he gets some weird looks when he walks into the bathroom with his mom carrying "the book" (everybody poops)

Man I've been feeling REALLY free to jank on you of late, huh Banzai? (That's a good thing, believe it or not.)
Every joke needs a patsy, and you make a great one.
^(five points for use of "patsy")
Hey, as long as I get to spend time with your sister, you can say whatever you like--no skin off my nose.
Thanks, I'll take that strait to da bank...or, joke book.

I'm really glad you two enjoy each-other's company. ;)
*peeing with new vigor*
*pees with more vigor than chippa*
Don't test me. I've been known to go #2 in extreme fits.
Ummmm oh.
Thanks for not pursuing that any further.
Did you buy that Bob Dylan in starbucks?
I just listened, and quietly wondered what kind of bizarro universe I'm in where Bob Dylan and Starbucks have a marketing partnership.
That is an extremely hip starbucks. I'm glad you took us there last night :) Oh, and thank you for the coffee. :-D
Ditto all of this. :D