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I'm in Chicago. At a Starbucks. Trying hard not to feel dirty about that.

Trip was great. I saw the sunrise over a lake near Glacier National Park. So many fascinating people on the train. I overpacked, pretty severely, and will need to seek out new luggage because I split the seam of my carry-on. Sometimes I just need to be stopped.

I'd hoped to write more from the train, but my assumption that there would be power outlets at the seats (based on a statement from the Amtrak website) was "wrongo bongo, O tiny one." I did get a start on Atlas Shrugged and devoted most of my iBook's battery power to a viewing of Sideways. Sadly, knowing this in advance would have reduced some of my excess baggage. I do, however, have a workaround scheme to try on the way back. I do so hate being thwarted.

Chicago is beautiful so far. It takes me a while to get oriented and comfortable in a new city, so three days doesn't quite cut it. Even so, it's a great getaway.

And the best is yet to come. I haven't seen barlow_girl yet, which just seems wrong. That will be remedied in a few short hours. Festivity ensues.
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At a Starbucks. Trying hard not to feel dirty about that.

Can you explain that? I hear all the time that I am supposed to feel dirty or guilty about patronizing Starbuck's ... but no one so far has been able or willing to tell me why?
For me, Starbucks is right at the intersection of my coffee snobbery and my distaste for corporate giants.

From a Seattle perspective, the coffee is OK but not great. There's not much more art in it than in a Big Mac, but it's pretty consistent across thousands of franchises. So without a better alternative, at least you know what you're getting, and in many places, that's better than the other available options. In Seattle, it's not better, yet I've seen two of them on the same block. I'd prefer to go with the little guy, so long as the little guy knows what he's doing.

That said, I don't fault them for being successful; it's just a little...much sometimes.
Have you ever seen Best In Show? Where the two yuppies are talking about how they met in Starbucks, but not the same Starbucks...they were on the corner across the street from each other.
It's actually not franchised out, it's a corporate store. haha.
HA! you call yourself a blogger. That "festivity ensues" TOTALLY needs same action stars! you should get right on that. obviously i'm kidding ;) I pick on you alot. TOO much probably...probly.

I'm really sorry you have an ibook, I mean, sorry there were no outlets on the train :(

I hope you have funtimes in chicago. Be sure and get some good eats

*laughs uproariously*

*festivity ensues*

Have fun, Obi.


Tell your friend there that it's wrong to patronize a Starbucks because it's a bunch of kids (aka college students like me) who are all taught the same thing and most likely lack a sincere passion for the art of the coffee bean in general, present company excepted. They know only what they're told, no more, no less. And right now the Big Man is pushing whole bean sales, so don't think that sweet little innocent "Have you had your beans today?" inquiry comes from a deep well of sincere concern.

But I'm just sayin'.

Re: sbx

hahaha! thus far, i've sold the most beans . . . without trying. people just bring them to my register.
frankly, i dislike most of the coffees we sell.
It's about time. I'm all peed out . . .