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I love Jane Monheit

Just back from Jazz Alley: Saw The Clayton Brothers Quintet and Jane Monheit. Only two of the three ladies came, and their company was excellent. Jane was stunning. I am in love.

Let me mark how blessed I've been for the past couple of days. On Thursday, I had Nate's help with bulletins, then adjourned for Mexican dinner and margaritas before Community Group. Friday was a day off; in the evening was pizza and Cool Hand Luke with Markus, Ben, and Walter. And then tonight's outing. I'm not grateful enough.


she's taken?

She's taken, Jane is. At least that's what I read. Of course, I sense that she is exactly right for you.

Re: she's taken?

She is. Her regular drummer is her fiance. The ring is very shiny. Fortunately for me, unrequited love is one of my specialties. If she isn't perfection, I'll need new standards.

(In addition to her amazing talent, there was this hands-on-slightly-shaking-hips thing when she listened to piano solos that made me melt. I needed lots of water.)