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Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Terribly busy getting everything that needs to be done out of the way before I board the train for Chicago on Monday. That's always the way things are before a trip, and in this case I'm thankful to be heading out on a Monday afternoon. A midweek departure for a trip of this size would ruin me.

(Two more get-ups until departure! Five more get-ups until I see barlow_girl!)

Worked through my day off yesterday. It's bothersome how little focus I have toward the end of projects sometimes, making them take far longer than would otherwise be necessary. When tying up loose ends, I sputter.

Today includes a trip to The Elliott Bay Book Company to find a copy of Atlas Shrugged for the train. Inventory tells me it's on the shelves, so I look forward to emerging victorious. Also on the agenda is completing the quarterly volunteer schedule for the church, one of those seemingly endless tasks that can eventually only be completed Old Yeller style: when it gets bad enough, you have to take it out back and shoot it (sorry about the spoiler).

Tomorrow, unfortunately, is swamped, with another midday wedding on top of the usual schedule. Not so bad, though, as long as I just don't count on doing anything beyond the tasks at hand. More loose ends on Monday morning; then, I'm off!

P.S. kamikaye and ultimateswing will likely have to wait a bit for the 20 facts meme from me. If I don't get to it sooner, it will be a nice diversion on the train.


wow- have you done seattle to chicago on the train before? it is SO long. i took it from chicago to seattle - but i actually got off in glacier park and stayed there a few days with friends and then got back on to get home to seattle - even the part from chicago to east glacier was really really long. make sure you have comfortable headphones and good music. ; )
I ♥ Glacier Park.

I've done a trip of half the length, so I'm excited for the trip!
I hope these next two days go by fast for you and that this trip will be a wonderful blessing to you! I also hope it's time of rest after being so busy with work. Be safe! :)
Thank you!
On the Train by banzai Kerouac.
Could be a classic.
Could Will be a classic.
Boy, you sure do go see barlow_girl a lot. *wink-wink*<--those action stars are just for you hoss.
You never cease to crack me up!!
awww, shux. *blushes*

quick! Kam, lets spam his journal with action stars! *puts more action stars in annoyingly unbecoming locations*

*quickly inserts stars*

nice one! *gives the wink and the gun*
Hm. You think something could be going on?
One sure would think so! :o]
Have an awesome time in Chicago and a safe trip!!

And I didn't realize you'd been tagged by ultimateswing either till now. Hmmm, does that mean you'll do 40? :o]
It's a meme jinx, so they cancel each other out and I don't have to do it at all. ;)
Oooh, I don't like that rule!
It's wonderful to see you in love. ;)
Totally random comment but I wanted to let you know: A while back you put of a download for Depth of Mercy, it has now become part of my Sunday morning mix on my itunes. I really enjoy it. A very delayed thanks :)
I'm so glad you enjoy it! It's one of my absolute favorites.
I think you are going to highly enjoy the train ride. And Amy. :-)