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Lord Cruise vs. The Oprah

The stuff bouncing around in my head

My cable is back, and all is right with the world.

Well, that's not entirely true, because when I walked into the grocery store last week, I saw this:
The horror, the horror...
I'm still recovering.

The work week promises to be a marathon, but I'm trying to take it in stride. One of my least favorite things about vacations is the double-to-triple workload one must often mount just to take them. That said, it needs to be done, and this time next week I'll be on a train to Chicago.

Christian parents, guard your wee ones!


"By separating my children from sinful elements, I can finally teach the lessons of Leviticus in peace, without all this 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone' nonsense."

(it's a satire)
Maybe I've been working in public libraries too long but that hardly phases me at all.

What's really scary are the books by everyone involved in the Laci Peterson case.
I fear for anyone unfazed by a table chock full of The Oprah.
"It sickened me to think that young Christian boys and girls were sharing canoes, watching occult videos of bewitched talking vegetables, and arranging pieces of macaroni into suggestive patterns in a so-called 'wholesome' setting."

best. quote. ever.
Those infernal vegetables!
So you do or do not like Oprah? Forgive me, I am new.

Oy vey, the onion. Silliness. :D
I do not so much like The Oprah. I do fear The Oprah.
That looks like some freaky shrine to Oprah. I hope people aren't lighting candles in front of it.
Bow before The Oprah!
is that for real...or is that a joke...i am highly upset in a profound....wierd..and omy gosh...please tell me it isnt for real....the link that is....
I'm pretty sure it's a spoof. :D The Onion likes to do that sort of thing, but you never know.

There are some people that are pretty crazy out there.
I bought this book before you wrote about it...and the reason was it opened to an fascinating article about a group of women who'd had professional careers setting everything aside to go be nuns in an order.
I'm afraid I'm a book-by-its-cover guy, and I'm afraid of a big orange Oprah. Can she ever not be on the cover of something she's involved with? Then again, lemmings that we are, it might not sell as well.

(And that title: I haven't read the story, but I doubt any women could commit to being nuns for no higher purpose than to "live their best lives," but again, that probably doesn't sell as well.)

Snarkiness aside, I'm really glad to hear there's some good stuff inside.
Can she ever not be on the cover

Her face is her logo. She is a brand. But I also find it weird that she's on the cover of every issue of her magazine. Eventually a brand should become something other than your own face. Donald Trump's brand is even more annoying. The problem is, Oprah's product is information and there aren't tangible things to take a picture of like Martha Stewart's brand. </marketingspeak>

I don't see a problem with the title or the aspiration to "live your best life" however that might manifest itself - including going to live as a nun.