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Cutting the cord

A city truck just clipped my cable. Suck. At least I have TiVo and the neighbor's wireless signal to piggyback on.


Nah. Wireless is a broadcast that can either be open or closed. If it's open, it's fair game—no more theft than listening to the radio.
I was being silly. :P
I know--you made me laugh!
That eggZACT same thing happened to me one time when I was little. I forget what had happened to make the cable lower than the power line, but watched the garbage guys pull up to get the garbage. When they stopped to get ours the were up against it, and when they pulled away it just snapped right out. I was somewhat more dependant on cable to occupy my time than I am now if you can't tell by the details which I recall.
Neighbor's wireless???
For internet? Or TV?
Ooooooh, claro. You confused me when you mentioned TiVo.
Hmmm... and now you need to sue the city for extreme emotional distress...
It's weird that to the sensitive person, small things like this can be such a trigger.