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Two sentences

Really intense, dark dreams the past couple of nights. Not the worst or most powerful I've had, but enough to rattle me.

Work felt hectic this week, though more organized and under control than it sometimes has been. Regardless, glad to be done until Sunday.

Getting some great tips about Chicago. Feel free to share.

Feeling scattered and out-of-sorts. Naturally, I don't like that much.


Sears Tower, obviously.

FAO Schwartz.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.

Shed Aquarium.

All good ideas...except the FAO Schwartz on Michigan Ave closed a couple of years ago.

And, I would add The Art Institute or any of the Museums...all very good.
Are you in the Chicago area?
I am about an hour west of Chicago. I was going to suggest to you earlier that you check out sweet_pickles journal...She lives right by Millenium Park in Chicago and has made it a point to visit many Chicago spots and would have great advise about what to see.

How long will you be visiting?
I'm there from Wednesday afternoon through early Saturday afternoon.
What? No FAO???

Two more sentences.

Sorry about the dreams and the scatteredness. This week's been so out-of-control.

And two more.

Very much so. Thanks.
Everyone's been reporting pretty bad dreams lately. I'm having them too but I barely remember most of them, just left with an uneasy feeling when I wake up.