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Along for the ride

First real Community Group meeting tonight with Megan and Nathan taking the leadership reins. They were so, so money! Micah's apartment was also a great place to meet, turnout was high, and nearly everyone stayed engaged with the discussion and material. I praise God for such a good start. One or two group members are clearly having a bit of struggle dealing with Jesus' story being larger than their own, but that's a struggle we can all understand, and one from which we can all be freed.

In addition to all that, it's a relief not to be the leader for a time. It's nice to let conversations go, participating and contributing as I wish but without feeling the burden of having to make anything happen (or not happen). I hope that's a blessing for Megan and Nathan as well, because I can also act as a mole to help keep us on track.

Josh and Jamie are the sweetest: they brought me an old Star Trek book after noticing the memorabilia at my apartment last week. It may sound odd, but I am completely floored whenever anyone does anything just for me—when it shows that someone thought of me at some time other than when I happened to be in their presence. I have many friends, but I guess I assume I'm mostly out-of-sight, out-of-mind (that's just the way most relationships seem to be). So the level to which I'm touched is far larger than one might expect from a simple book.

This could be the beginning of a very healthy season.
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