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Daily no more?

Sad as it is, I think I'll be making a cut of one of my formerly favorite shows from my regular TiVo lineup. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart used to be sharp, witty, and flat-out hilarious, regardless of one's politics. Everyone was fair game, and the jokes reflected a multifaceted understanding of current events. Since the show's recent move to a new studio space, however, I've noted a subtle yet pronounced change in its direction and focus.

Rather than being clever or funny, the show now seems to revolve around Stewart's bitter disgust with the Bush administration (and his audience's commitment to cheering him on). Whether I agree with him or not, it's just not even interesting. He's mad at Bush. I get it. Honestly, I think the news coverage was better when the primary objective was being funny, rather than the new bent toward pseudo-news commentary. And actual news coverage isn't really even the point, or at least it wasn't before.

So it's been bugging me a while, and now that they've announced a week-long series next week entitled "Evolution, Schmevolution," I may have reached my limit of bitter agendas packaged as entertainment. It's not entertaining or even interesting to me to hear someone else's political rants on a daily basis. Clearly, some find it validating to hear a voice they agree with ridiculing things they disagree with, but that wouldn't add much to my life whether I lean left or right.

I'll probably check in with Stewart from time to time, because he's brilliant and can be a funny, funny man. As long as he is more enamored with his newfound status as an applauded political pundit, however, I don't think I'll be needing a daily dose.
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