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Come on, ride the train, choo-choo ride it

Community Group cookout last night at my place. Tons of fun squeezed into two little hours. It was great to reconnect with everyone, welcome some new faces, and lay out a plan for the fall. We're trying to start half an hour earlier than before, and I'm hopeful the additional margin will pay off. Having Megan and Nathan try their hands at leadership is also very promising. We're getting big, so we may need to multiply soon.

Looking back at my journal, I see that I never did get around to talking about my upcoming vacation. Time to correct that. At the end of the month, I'll be boarding the newly-refreshed Empire Builder travelling from Seattle to Chicago. The route passes through some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, including my long-favorite Glacier National Park. I've wanted to ride this train for ages, so I'm taking the plunge.

In Chicago, I'll be meeting up with barlow_girl, as she'll be in town for a work-related conference. It's been years since I was there, and I'm looking forward to taking in a slice of the city with her (even if it's just a slice of Chicago-style pizza). Face-to-face time is a challenge over the distance, but it also makes for some great adventure possibilities like this one. Also working on plans to see hustlah and roughdiamond while there.

After a few days, it's back on the train to my beloved city. I've really enjoyed train travel in the past, and though I can't afford a sleeping car (one could actually purchase a car for the price!), I'm pretty sure I can stay comfortable (I'm most concerned about music and wonder if I'll be able to plug in my iBook). At 40+ hours each way, however, I can't vouch for how presentable I'll be at either arrival.

Regardless, I'm beyond excited and counting the days.


I took that same train ride, from Seattle to Chicago, mmmm .. probably around 25 years ago. It was so relaxing and I slept fine in one of their chairs. I loved it. Of course I love trains. I should join a train community.

How long will you be gone?
Just over a week. Should be a great adventure.
That sounds like it will be a wonderful trip. I have been wanting to see Glacier National Park for a long while now. How cool that would be to ride through there on the train.
Glacier is amazing. A definite must.
That's cool! I've never taken a train trip but it sounds neat.
The first time I did, I swore I'd travel by train as often as possible. Takes lots more time, but it's the best!

I think we all know what I'm doing by now