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Labor Day laziness

Sighted at Irwin's this morning: Harry Potter, all growsed up!


Cooked fresh broccoli for the first time ever this weekend. Good.

Discovered some ticket stubs in my backpack from my trip to see barlow_girl. That made me happy.

Seattle had a refreshing cloudburst last night. Love those.


*cracks up*
Harry has male pattern baldness!
"Guess who's back...Noodle's back..."

Finally! Now I can put a face to the posts. Thanks!
Who, Harry Potter's posts?

I really don't think that's Lee..... I haven't seen him in over a year, but I'm pretty sure that's not who we are looking at. :)
Oh, I'm sorry! Having never seen Lee, I made an assumption. Of course, I just provided proof of the old saying about "assuming"!
Judging by my hairline, that kind of noggin may indeed be in my future!
go read my most recent post and help me. you're quirky. you've got good ideas. YOU'RE A WINNER MAN!

no seriously. i need help. and you're JUST THE MAN TO DO IT! ;)
I'm a crappy friend, because I've been too busy to respond and am booked all day. What's your deadline?
you're not a crappy friend! i need them by Saturday night! :)

i've been stressing about this birthday party for the past week. it's surreal to me...i spend so much time being a mom, wife, co-worker, housekeeper, chef, that i don't ever do anything really exciting for myself. this is a big step for me, i haven't thrown a party since my husband has known me!!!
anyway, with all of the commotion i feel like my creative juices have been dwindling. i just need a couple of good ideas to get me going again. that's all. thanks for your help!