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Clippy the LJ Assistant!

Looks like there's now a friendly assistant to help with LiveJournal entries. How handy!

Clippy the LJ Assistant


I think that's the most creatively funny thing I've seen in a long while. Funny how 10 years ago that wouldn't have made sense let alone been comical.

Speaking of 10 years, barlow_girl reminded me of my poor arithmatic skillz. I got my liscense 7 years ago. I'm an engineer, you have to check my arithmatic.


and very, very funny.
Oh, that's good! :>
teh awesome.
Oh man, that is most spectacular.

Mind if I link people over to this entry? Some folks on my list will get a kick out of it.

Bring 'em on!
That's beautiful

:::wipes tear:::
That little assistant has helped me on MANY an occasion. ;-0 In fact, I think I've taken advantage of all 6 of those lightbulbs.

I have a Comments Assistant, too:

"How to comment with apparent sincerity without ever having to read the post."

"How to make a comment that will absolutely inflame the journalkeeper and his/her entire friends list, setting off an endless cascade of bitter diatribe."

"Commenting in a manner that evinces an inept attempt at humor."

"How to make a non sequiturious commment that utterly misses the entire point of the post, thus arousing the angst and/or fury of the poster."

"How to appear superficially responsive to the post, while covering up an ulterior motive of trying to make the commenter look good, intelligent, or witty."

"Commenting using the Lj Ebonics Grammarcheck and 1337 spellchecker."

*incoherent with laughter*
That would be funny if it wasn't so tragically true. I must be guilty of at least 2/3 of that, if not more...