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Time after time

Ten years ago... I was beginning my first year as a Residence Hall Director and Counselor at Central College, having just left my last assignment at the University of Maryland. I'd already been connected to Central for almost a decade, and was their first full-time professional hall director (based on a consultation project I'd done with them in the previous year).

Seven years ago... I was beginning my first year as a Resident Director at Seattle University and preparing for classes at Mars Hill Graduate School (then Western Seminary Seattle). I moved to Seattle in order to enroll there, and after having fallen in love with the city on a job interview the year before. My best friend had also relocated to Seattle the year before.

Five years ago... I was beginning my year as Interim Director of Residence Life at Seattle University, a year I'd later coin the Year of Hell. It was a promotion I never should have accepted, one which took me farther from the things I loved about the profession, brought me closer to everything that bothered me, placed me in the middle of political power struggles and people who couldn't be trusted, and planted mistrust with those close to me. After that year, I chose to leave the profession entirely.

Three years ago... My church, where I'd also come to work the year before, was reeling from relationship/workplace scandal that resulted in the deposition of our founding pastor, and was also on the brink of a church split. I'd absorbed 1.5 other jobs into my own, including managing finances that were lean enough to have us bouncing checks and delaying payroll. Earlier that month, I went on a road trip vacation to North Carolina with taci, where I introduced her to expressedinword; we also met dawn11476, melissa52677, onesamtwo, andromanaurora. Some old gifts and old ghosts had recently come back into my life, and I was still adjusting to that.

Two years ago... Our pulpit committee was in full swing searching for a new pastor, having just passed on further consideration of our interim pastor for the permanent position. Though things were still in flux at the church, a lot of healing had already taken place, including a small church camping trip that was loads of fun. I was very tired of summer.

One year ago... Met jmcphers at church, then cow dropped by Grace On Tap at Conor Byrne that evening. John had been our pastor for just over six months, I'd moved to a new apartment in Wallingford a couple of months prior, and life was starting to feel more stable and less driven by crisis.

One day ago... I was at the tail end of a fourteen-hour work day, grabbing dinner with Nathan at Pagliacci Pizza and talking about plans for our Community Group reboot.

An hour ago... I was finishing dinner (a nice bowl of chili with cheddar and saltines) and starting this meme.


Wow, was that an entire year ago?

Time flies.
Weird that it was exactly a year ago, too.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
You've met Dawn?
Indeed. What I have written, I have written.
I like this meme. I think I just might have to try it. :)

Ten years ago you were about an hour from where I lived. Did you like it much in Maryland?
I had a great three years in Maryland.


I'm glad to hear it. Good friends of mine went to College Park and loved it. I thought about going there, but it just wasn't meant to be.
Oh, wow, that was a year ago? :( I think I've only seen you once since then...

I still have your Christmas gift, btw. It will soon become Christmas 2006, or something. :)
It's hard to believe it's been that long. Once my Community Group relaunches, I'm hoping to reclaim more time for others. I hope the gift wasn't fruit!
ah, one of the rare moments where I still feel young:
ten years ago, I had just received my liscense to drive.
Whenever you want to feel young, just come to me.
You know I didn't mean it like that. It's just when friends I've known for years start getting married and having kids it makes me feel old. It was just nice to know that there are people with more experience than me, y'know?
Absoultely, whippersnapper.
Right.... so how old are you?

I had you pegged for early thirties. Unless you were a child prodigy, I was wrong.
I'm no Doogie Howser. I'm 35, but I squeezed some dog years in there.
This is like Link City. Wow. And it helps with the perpetually fuzzy timeline.

Know what's good with chili, that sounds weird? Carrots. I know.

I'm afraid that, when you get to know me better, the timeline is going to get more fuzzy rather than less.

I'll try the carrots. Maybe.
We'll just have to see, won't we?

And I'll hold my breath about the carrots.
I want you to do this meme!
I started to, and then I bored myself so much I almost fell asleep in my cube.
Get some coffee and try again.
maybe. ;o]
If I promise to try the carrots?
Ha. Maybe. ;o]
"I'd moved to a new apartment in Wallingford a couple of months prior, and life was starting to feel more stable and less driven by crisis."

Seeing things like this in the past make you exhale deeply. Well at least they do me.
They do, even though I am also a crisis junkie.
I think we all a have a little glutton-for-punishment in us.