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Seconds to shutdown

Wiped from a 14-hour day at work. Good stuff, though, including Jay & Jenny's wedding. My ability to hold a thought in mind longer than a few seconds is about to vanish, so here are a few of the things rattling around up there:
  • Some great ideas in the hopper for my upcoming Community Group reboot.
  • The possibilities of Hurricane Katrina are beginning scare the beejezus out of me.
  • So excited for my upcoming trip at the end of the month. Everything about it is cool: the where, the how, and especially the who (though it does not, at this point, involve The Who). Need to write more about it soon. Maybe tomorrow.
  • Just realized that my song choice is pretty funny in relation to the previous point.


What about Katrina?
Reading the advisories yesterday hit me hard.
*peeing for multiple reasons*
Your dogs are more housebroken than you are.
And you're going to have to clean all this up.
I'm wearing depend undergarments.

I ♥ Keane.
We're both going to need some Depends if this keeps going.
*peeing again*
Looks like Katrina is going to leave a whole lot of damage. My family is getting the eastern side of it right now, though thankfully they are faring well so far.
That's good news. Hope they continue to receive mercy.
Okay. Me reading you incorrectly is a good thing. :-)