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Oh, Atlanta

Spent the weekend in Atlanta with barlow_girl, having way more fun than I ever thought could be squeezed into a single weekend. Activities includes dinner at the OK Café (thanks for the suggestion, kamikaye—I asked nicely!), a trip to IKEA, browsing the High Museum of Art Museum, a wonderful cookout with her small group and friends, worship at North Point Community Church, lunch with still more friends, getting a sneak preview of her new apartment, with lots of general Atlanta touring and time to hang out sprinkled in between.

Amy's Atlanta friends are a quality bunch—her small group especially is so committed to guarding each other's hearts and encouraging one another toward Christ. There are few things as necessary and precious as this kind of gift, and it gives me great peace to know they're in her life. Besides which, they're hilarious. And they think the world of her, which means we agree on the important things.

Better than anything else by far was just getting face-to-face time with Amy. While I'm largely grateful to live in a time when technology has so many ways to keep us connected, nothing compares to that quality time in person, doing something together or doing nothing at all. Laughter, conversation, and even quiet came freely. It was hard to go back home.

Was in a fog all day, and I know my words aren't doing this weekend justice. It's a good season when life and the living of it is bigger than my ability to tell.
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