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One get-up!

Tomorrow I'm off for Atlanta to see barlow_girl for the weekend (because I need a really good reason if I'm going to leave behind the relatively temperate climate of Seattle for the insane heat of the South). Looking forward to the trip, so much so that getting any rest tonight may be a challenge. The fact that I fly out at an ungodly hour is another part of the challenge. That's OK, though—kids don't complain about getting up early on Christmas morning, either. Trying to be sure most everything is prepared before I hit the sack, because I may not have as much presence of mind in the morning.

Not that I have much presence of mind now. This is going to be good.
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Stay safe and sound, Lee. And enjoy your time away and time together.
Blessings to you.
Have fun!!
It's so cliche, but it really isn't the heat, it's the humidity. I was hiking for a little bit last saturday in 95 degree weather in Utah and it was very much tolerable. Not pleasant, but tolerable. Yesterday when I turned on our flood lights on our porch you could literally SEE the air in front of it. And it wasn't raining.
I hope you have a WONDERFUL time. :-D Be safe.
Awesome! Have a good trip!
Have a great time! :D

you're leavin' - on a jet plane...

That's weird... you're going to be a stone's throw away - weird when most of the time you're on the other side/hemisphere of the country! Anyways, I agree about the "insane heat." And the humidity. And when did you finally change your layout?!

P.S. My new English prof lived in Seattle for a couple years, and reportedly loved it. I'm still jealous.

PPS- Have fun with my Atlanta neighbor - I didn't know Barlow Girl is in my part of the country!

Re: you're leavin' - on a jet plane...

Yep - have lived in Vinings for almost 4 years - moving to Dunwoody in a couple weeks. Where do you live?
Are you here yet?

How 'bout now?
ha ha

You crack me up!
Not yet. I'm in Saint Louis. I guess I should keep coming, eh?
That is, of course, entirely up to you. But I can't guarantee I won't cry.
Well, I looked around and didn't see you anywhere, so I'm going to keep on coming...
Deal. :D
Have a great time!

You're lucky! You went during a cold snap! :D
Temperatures like those are properly interpreted as signs from God to move.
I agree! That's why I'm in a state with the word "North" in it. :D