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No bullshit

Being cool

The desire to be cool is—ultimately—the desire to be rescued. It's the desire to be pulled from the unwashed masses of society. It's the desire to be advanced beyond the faceless humanoid robots who will die unheralded deaths and never truly matter, mostly because they all lived the same pedestrian life. Without the spoils of exclusionary coolness, we're just cogs in the struggle.

—Chuck Klosterman, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs


I take it that you disagree.
Quite the opposite--I tend to think this is very much behind the desire to be cool. Why did you think I would disagree?
Perhaps your userpic insinuated?
It's meant for the opposite: a "no bullshit" userpic for a "no bullshit" quotation.
Well, duh! I just had another senior moment...
The "no bullshit" icon made me think that....
Hey I just saw that guy read at Powell's last night! I've never read his books, but he's a very entertaining reader - if you ever get a chance, definitely go. He could be a talk show host.

You should post the questions in the middle of the book. I love them and always thought they'd make a great LJ post.
I haven't read it yet, either—John chose this quote for the cover of our bulletin this week. But now I'm very interested and may pick it up soon.
I just want to be perfect and cool...

One more get-up.