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My head is clogged—not from physical illness, just full of junk like a stopped-up drain. Unfortunately, some of the stuff that's stuck there has about the same value and appeal. I know it's garbage, but it's still stopping up the works. Maybe writing about a piece or two will help.

Had my first doctor's appointment since being in Seattle on Friday. Went just to get a dermatology referral (I have a skin condition that's come back with a vengeance)—because of the wonders of managed care, I have to have a primary care provider's referral to see a dermatologist. Which means I need to establish said provider. Went with Marc Gonchar at the Polyclinic, picking the clinic because it's a block from work and has dermatologists on staff, and picking Dr. Gonchar because his picture just looked too Doogie Howser-esque to pass up.

Well, a couple of surprises ensued. First, the good doctor is very un-Doogie in person (he has salt-and-pepper hair). Personable demeanor; I think we'll get along well. Second, at the obligatory weigh-in, I must have had 30+ pounds worth of change in my pockets, because the number was entirely too high. Not good.

It's actually another surfacing bit of a pretty significant iceberg of neglect. There are a slew of aspects of my life I've simply paid very little attention to for years. My overall health and care of my body has been so far on the back burner that it's practically in the fridge. Bringing that kind of thing forward isn't the most fun thing in the world, but it's necessary. It's time.

Sunday revealed a fairly huge screw-up on my part: I failed to remember that my friends' daughter was scheduled for baptism that morning. That oversight meant it wasn't listed in the bulletin, the questions and baptismal vows for the parents and congregation weren't printed, and it very nearly didn't happen at all. They were so gracious, but I knew they were crushed by the prospect of having to forgo her baptism that week (they even had family in town) and were subsequently simply relieved that we could do it at all (I was able to dash to the office to print the questions/vows for John). It's one of the worst things I can imagine doing to a family in the course of my job, and while a number of elements contributed to my failure, the responsibility was mine. Thankfully God was gracious to and through His people.

There are, of course, much, much happier things on my mind and on the horizon (three more get-ups!); I just need to get some this junk out of the pipe of my head. This usually helps.
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