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Finding focus

There's some unexpected cloud cover and a cool breeze this morning. My Abba is very fond of me.

Had a great time meeting ultimateswing yesterday. I introduced him to the joys of TiVo, The Venture Bros., and Northlake Pizza, and we got to talk a bit about calling and the future. Good times.

(Re)learning to focus better, step by baby step. For me, the key to focus is deciding what to ignore: tightening up who and what I listen to, then trying to listen better and deeper in those places that remain. The world and those of us in it generate a lot of flat-out garbage and noise—sometimes I think it's wiser to sidestep it than to wade through all of it. Certainly truth and beauty are worth searching for, even in the midst of the worst of it, but I simply don't have the bandwidth to commit to that quest in all possible directions. So I'm tuning out more and more "stuff," with the hope that God will call others to cover any gaps that may leave, even as I try to be faithful in learning where and to whom He's calling me. The illusion of infinite capacity our age encourages is a difficult thing to walk away from.
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