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Lord Cruise vs. The Oprah

Star Wars, mistranslated

While randomly surfing LiveJournal, I came across the following screen captures from an Iraqi bootlegged version of Revenge of the Sith.
Magliver city Magliver city

Why settle for the medical center when you can go all the way to the Magliver city?
Yoda, USPS Yoda, USPS

Not content with simply being a Jedi Master, Yoda also makes sure your letters arrive on time.
'Hey baby, we'll be back to pick you up later!' 'Hey baby, we'll be back to pick you up later!'

Nothing like having a doll in your car while you're out cruising the galaxy...
Dude, where's my Jed? Dude, where's my Jed?

And what's wrong with the galaxy when you can't even order a simple Jed?
Untrustworthy cheeses Untrustworthy cheeses

When dairy products conspire, havoc ensues.


Ah! There's another like that in a link another friend of mine posted the other week :)

Thank you so very much. Lord knows I needed a laugh. I about fell out of my office chair at the other link someone else posted. Wow. HILAIRIOUS!!
I was given a bootlegged Two Towers with the same sort of captioning ... it went from falling-off-your-chair hilarious, to jaw-dropping sexually crude, to scratching-your-head confusion. Always interesting to watch it!