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"Nevertheless I am continually with Thee."

—Psalm 73:23

"Nevertheless,"—As if, notwithstanding all the foolishness and ignorance which David had just been confessing to God, not one atom the less was it true and certain that David was saved and accepted, and that the blessing of being constantly in God's presence was undoubtedly his. Fully conscious of his own lost estate, and of the deceitfulness and vileness of his nature, yet, by a glorious outburst of faith, he sings "nevertheless I am continually with Thee."

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening (30 July, Morning: "Being With God")

This morning's devotion is beautiful. Wondering how loved you are? Give it a read.

Sometimes having no plans is just the thing. I usually like my plans, too (or else I tend to just say "no" to them), but a weekend off from commitments is nice.

Irwin's is so much better than the place I visited yesterday. Hands down.

calledisrael posted a quote today that has me thinking. I came out pretty strongly against Hauerwas' statement in the comments, but definitely agree with his implicit suggestion of the "need to stand under the authority of a truthful community to be told how to read [Scripture]." It's funny and frustrating how separate the abstract notions of community and the flesh-and-blood reality of corporate life within the Church can be kept—so often I see people exalting the former and marginalizing or shunning the latter. We often simply don't believe what we say we believe.
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