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Coffee shops are my living rooms

I've bastardized my coffee time and am regretting it. Went to the bank this morning (ran out of deposit envelopes and needed to deposit my paycheck) and decided to stop at Grand Central Baking Company on the way home. Wanted to make a stop at a quaint local place I hadn't visited before, and soon after stopping, realized this is not it at all. Nice place, no doubt, just clearly very Bobo and cookie cutter—except for the baked goods, there's no way to tell I'm not in a Starbucks. Still, I gave it a shot and am riding the free wireless internet as far as it will take me.

A good side effect of stopping in, however, was bumping into friends Dan and Charissa (separately). Seems to be a theme of the week, because I had an impromptu coffee with Markus on Wednesday before staff. Maybe I could just become a roaming coffee shop guy.

Bon voyage dinner for Connor & Sara at The Matador Wednesday evening. Sad to see them go, but excited for their adventure. Untold story of the night, which I only learned yesterday, was that __sidekick also tried to come but was stuck outside because the place is 21+. We didn't even realize we had these friends in common—it's a small city.

Today the agenda is clear, with nothing but the bank (done) and groceries (arriving this afternoon) on tap. Sweet freedom.
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