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Seattle fog

Let the day begin

Feeling ready to work. Not ready for work yet, but will be within the hour and am feeling the urge to get things in better shape around the office. For an administrator, I can be terribly lax about standard clerical stuff. It's a priority issue, and lots of it just isn't mission-critical, but eventually piles up and makes things drag. Hopefully my motivation doesn't evaporate once I reach my desk.

Seattle has been gorgeous lately. Morning tea on the patio is perfection (except that I have trouble finding a level surface for my chair). Trying to spend less money, and cutting back on coffee shop time is so much easier to do this way. Cutting back on the actual coffee is a different matter—let's not talk crazy. But tea makes for an excellent start.
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did you take that photo of seattle?
No, I nicked it from the internet. If I have a talent for photography, it continues to be undiscovered.
Red Rose tea is my favorite tea. Lipton is sewer water. lol
This morning was Stash Orange Spice Tea.
Yes I have that tea. Good stuff. Also Rooibus tea is from South Africa and it is also terrific.
i seriously love strong rooibos tea. i stayed in a guesthouse run by south africans once, and they brewed it every morning. i am usually a diehard coffee drinker... but in that case, i quite willingly drank tea instead...
I have always been more of a tea person myself. :) Right now a favorite of mine is Botswana Blossom Red Tea.
I enjoy my tea, but there is no substitute for coffee. None.

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea, but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.

—Abraham Lincoln
What a wonderful quote.
The last cup of coffee I had was well over a month ago. It was some kind of English Brew and I really liked it. So my interest in Coffee is slowly growing. ;-)
The layout you see at this moment is one of my secrets: it makes LJ much more readable from my Sidekick. So when it's up, that means I'm out and about. When I get home/to the office/etc., I switch it back.
It's more readable from THIS sidekick too ..
morning tea on a patio sounds scrumptious!!!
It's a peaceful luxury and a great way to start the day.
In recent months I've begun an evening cup o tea routine, very nice. But I haven't changed my morning cup of coffee routine - I hear you there.